Used Parts Galaxy :: 94Diskont 21st Sep 2020

I’m a fan of “embracing the error”. I used to love hearing CDs go nuts over systems in shopping centres. Now I have to rely on this masterpiece from Oval, which I’m playing in full on this edition of  Used Parts Galaxy. This is musical history in the making! 

Track: Untitled 07
Artist: Oval
Release: Ovalprocess
Label: uovooo

Track: Returning Birds
Artist: Duelling Ants
Release: Moments in Spring
Label: Wow and Flutter

Track: 02
Artist: Bellows
Release: Undercurrent
Label: Black Truffle

Track: Body in a Room
Artist: Bing & Ruth
Release: Species
Label: 4AD

Track: Swiss Seventeenth Century Model Village
Artist: Hototogisu
Release: Cuckoo Cloudland
Label: De Stijl


Track: What Doth Life
Artist: Inner Glow
Release: Ruf Dug presents Expansion Pack 2: Textures
Label: Ruf Kutz

Track: Sear
Artist: Justin Depth
Release: Environ
Label: Self Released

Track: Belan 2
Artist: Belan

Track: Dance And Death Of A Bird
Artist: J.H. Guraj
Release: Introspection / Migration
Label: Maple Death Records

Track: Nunca
Artist: Suso Saiz & Suzanne Kraft
Release: Between No Things
Label: Music From Memory


Track: All Tracks
Artist: Oval
Release: 94Diskont
Label: uovoo


Track: Burrow
Artist: Talbert Anthony
Release: Burrow
Label: Self Released

Track: D4
Artist: Xiphiidae
Release: Sewn Within a Circle
Label: Housecraft

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