Used Parts Galaxy :: ジャングル 23rd Nov 2020

On this episode we focus on the Oxtail Recordings label. Originally based in Brooklyn, NY – they are now based in Sydney with a very impressive roster. I like their creed of releasing ‘ambient noise and broken songs’. As well the latest from The Humble Bee, Black Brunswicker, Strange Process and we feature in full a lush dose of New Age meets Vaporwave in a release from Japanese artist 地球.

Track: Through the Breach
Artist: The National Pool
Release: Relaxation Tape for Solo Space Travel
Label: Infraction

Track: Side B (excerpt)
Artist: Monte Burrows
Release: The Concentration Of Brown Owls
Label: Dinzu Artefacts

Track: Off station, at little afternoon, amidst the saltwater marsh (excerpt)
Artist: The Humble Bee
Release: Daymark
Label: Dauw

Track: Convenience Stores
Artist: Strange Process
Release: Memory Castle
Label: Self Released


A short snapshot of Oxtail Recordings

Track: Grizzly
Artist: Phaeton
Release: Biome
Label: Oxtail Recordings

Track: Island of Enchantment Part 1 (excerpt)
Artist: Cenote Glow
Release: Island of Enchantment
Label: Oxtail Recordings

Track: Variety Show
Artist: Leaaves
Release: Variety Show
Label: Oxtail Recordings

Track: Guided
Artist: Glass House
Release: External Forces
Label: Oxtail Recordings

Track: Are You Connected to Yourself (excerpt)
Artist: Millions
Release: Atlantis Morrissey/Millions (Split Release)
Label: Oxtail Recordings


Track: Parts 1 & 2
Artist: 地球 (Earth)
Release: ジャングル (Jungle)
Label: Hiraeth Records


Track: Paradise Reconstructed
Artist: Internazionale
Release: Wide Sea Prancer (At The Blue Parade)
Label: Janushoved

Track: I’ve got Something Coming my Way
Artist: Black Brunswicker
Release: Wanderers in the North
Label: Self Released

Track: The Walking People (excerpt)
Artist: Kowalski Room
Release: High In The Sky
Label: Self Released

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