Used Parts Galaxy :: Climax Golden Twins 24th Aug 2020

Climax Golden Twins are an American Experimental rock band with more than twenty years of making experimental music and broadening the limits of the music-making world. The band was formed in 1993 to test the limits of the sonic landscapes they could come up with adding sounds taken from diverse sources like old 78s and field recordings. The band´s unique sound and approach can be an exciting challenge for those who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and face the unknown.

Their release Lovely is one of my favourite ambient releases. It was created by the band as an audio sleeping aid. The first edition released on Gravelvoice Records as a CDR and came with a buckweat hull pillow. “Lovely” originally accompanied a 1997 installation at Bryan Ohno Gallery in Seattle.

At just over an hour in duration is a perfect fit for the program. Enjoy as you fall asleep….

Track: The Kali-Yuga
Artist: No Neck Blues Band
Release: First Kingdom of the Ghost
Label: Seres

Track: Marlith
Artist: HMS
Release: Tetrad
Label: Astral Spirits

Track: The Peruvian Club
Artist: Pier Luigi Andreoni & Francesco Paladino
Release: Aeolyca
Label: Soave

Track: We Cannot Escape the Past
Artist: The Caretaker
Release: A Stairway to the Stars
Label: History Always Favours The Winners

Track: Euphoric Bells
Artist: Entourage Music And Theatre Ensemble
Release: The Neptune Collection
Label: Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Track: Borrowed Sax Test
Artist: Aqueduct Ensemble
Release: Improvisations on an Apricot
Label: Last Resort


Track: Day Dream
Artist: Erik Griswold
Release: Yokohama Flowers
Label: Room 40

Track: Echos In The Forest (Part 2)
Artist: Souns
Release: Aquamarine
Label: Subtempo

Track: A Pulse of Durations
Artist: Tapes and Topographies
Release: A Pulse of Durations
Label: Past Inside The Present

Track: Waterforms (excerpt)
Artist: Music For Sleep
Release: Waterforms
Label: Shimmmering Moods


Track: Lovely
Artist: Climax Golden Twins
Release: Lovely
Label: Anomalous


Track: Water Danced and Turned
Artist: Paul Sebastian
Release: Home Diaries 008
Label: Whitelabrecs

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