Used Parts Galaxy :: Alligator Crystal Moth 26th Oct 2020

Alligator Crystal Moth was the name of the tape exchange duo of Michael Donnelly (Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood, Terracid, et al) and Brad Rose (The North Sea, The Golden Oaks, Digitalis Recordings supremo). Reviewer Tony Dale hit the mark in describing their second release Solis as a cross between pure tribal-hippie freakdom after the fashion of Amon Düül the First and a hazy morning stroll through a Moroccan Souk, as produce stalls unfold like exotic flowers amid the tendrils of kif smoke. It’s a magic release. As well, new releases from Ishmael Cormack, Loris S. Said and Claire Deak & Tony Dupé.

Track: Small Root
Artist: Ishmael Cormack
Release: Maple Finch
Label: Handstitched

Track: City
Artist: Anarchist Mountains
Release: Generations
Label: Lontano Series

Track: Overland
Artist: Claire Deak & Tony Dupé
Release: The Old Capital
Label: Lost Tribe Sound


Track: Travel
Artist: Ippei Matsui & Aki Tsuyuko
Release: Natsu No Zenbu
Label: All Night Flight

Track: Metaz form8
Artist: Autechre
Release: SIGN
Label: Self Released

Track: Jefferson
Artist: Oberlin
Release: Übersee
Label: Handstitched

Track: National Adjustment Scheme
Artist: Scattered Order
Release: Everything Happened In The Beginning
Label: Provenance


Track: Field Pattern
Artist: Off Land
Release: Welkin Paths
Label: …TXT Recordings

Track: Venus
Artist: Caldwell-Tester
Release: Lost Rocks
Label: Medium Sound

Track: Moon Knows Everything
Artist: Nuba
Release: Nu Vision
Label: Western Vinyl

Track: Homewood
Artist: Foresteppe
Release: No Time To Hurry
Label: Self Released


Tracks: Can of Words/Searching For Atlantis/Hallowed Ground Beneath My Feet
Fraternizing With The Enemy/Cheap Food For Secrets/Waking The Ecclesiastics
Ribs Make Walls

Artist: Alligator Crystal Moth
Release: Solis
Label: Music Your Mind Will Love You


Track: Platonic Solids 1
Artist: Clarice Jensen
Release: Platonic Solids 1
Label: Longform Editions

Track: Orizzontale Verticale
Artist: Loris S. Sarid
Release: Music for Tomato Plants
Label: Constellation Tatsu

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