Used Parts Galaxy :: Vale Cor Fuhler 27th Jul 2020

Composer, multi-instrumentalist, improviser, instrument builder, artist and inventor Cor Fuhler died unexpectedly on 19 July 2020 at his home in Turramurra, NSW. ABC Classic FM described him as “A modern day renaissance man. Cor Fuhler is hard to pin down. He’s known variously as a jazz pianist, a composer, a maverick instrument builder, a gamelan performer, noise musician and occasional turntablist. What binds these contrasting activities is a restless sense of exploration and a healthy sense of humour. Cor’s list of projects is dazzling” A much loved member of the Sydney improv scene, we honour his passing featuring a work with long time friend, Jim Denley on this episode.

Track: Queued
Artist: Wil Bolton
Release: Visions In Static
Label: Neotantra

Track: Cel Regen
Artist: Ben Bondy
Release: Sibling
Label: Experiences Ltd.

Track: Fifth Sequence
Artist: 36
Release: Wave Variations
Label: Past Inside The Present

Track: Pastoral Song
Artist: Tomotsugu Nakamura
Release: Literature
Label: laaps


Track: Glimpse of Dusk
Artist: Robert Davies
Release: Incandescence
Label: Alio Die

Track: Cane Malu
Artist: Giuseppe Cordaro
Release: Annus Horribilis
Label: Kesh

Track: Whispering Distance
Artist: Maile Costa Colbert
Release: Whispering Distance
Label: Amplify 2020

Track: J​-​Fetrose
Artist: Cor Fuhler & Gert-Jan Prins
Release: The Flirts
Label: Erstwhile Records


Track: Skive
Artist: Jim Denley and Cor Fuhler
Release: Truancy
Label: Splitrec

Track: Wag
Artist: Jim Denley and Cor Fuhler
Release: Truancy
Label: Splitrec


Track: Glyph I — Marcus Fischer Rework
Artist: Michael A. Muller
Release: Lower River Reworks
Label: 1631 Recordings

Track: Gathers V
Artist: Sarah Davachi – Gathers
Release: Gathers
Label: Boomkat Editions

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