Used Parts Galaxy :: Rafael Anton Irisarri ‎– Daydreaming 27th May 2019

Our feature is the stunning debut album from Rafael Anton Irisarri. Released to great critical acclaim, Daydreaming is a collection of piano-led instrumental compositions of astonishing beauty. Rafael, one of the most celebrated ambient music makers working today, is performing around Australia in June with Room 40’s Open Frame and Dark Mofo’s Borderlands.

As well music from Ian Hawgood, Skyminds, Lint and much more


Ståle Storløkken   Stranded at Red Ice Desert, Remember Your Loved Ones The Haze of Sleeplessness

Andrew Cosentino   Kirkland Brand In Kinder Light

M.Grig   Mount Carmel Mount Carmel

Ian Hawgood   Loneliness Impermanence

Lint   Lint 6 Filter

Deep Nalstrom   Liquid Diamonds Naive Melodies

Melquíades   Cielo Empedrado Keep a Seed

James Rushford   The Body's Night (Part 1) Original Mix (excerpt) The Body's Night

Sholto Dobie & Mark Harwood   II The Blue Horse

Rafael Anton Irisarri   Waking Expectations Daydreaming

Rafael Anton Irisarri   A Thousand-Yard Stare Daydreaming

Rafael Anton Irisarri   Wither Daydreaming

Rafael Anton Irisarri   Lumberton Daydreaming

Rafael Anton Irisarri   Voigt-Kampf Daydreaming

Rafael Anton Irisarri   Fractal Daydreaming

Rafael Anton Irisarri   A Glimpse Daydreaming

Luke Sanger   Ancient Pathways Ancient Pathways

r beny   felt echo's verse

Skyminds   Illuminated and Warming Skyminds

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