Used Parts Galaxy :: Sophie Birch 29th Jun 2020

Each episode of Used Parts Galaxy features a work in full, mostly older releases. One of my favourite 2020 issues is from Sophie Birch and it’s our focus on this show.

In 2019, Copenhagen based sound artist and composer Sofie Birch embarked on a trip to Colombia, it was here where she began collecting a wide array of field recordings, from bird song to Colombian instruments and jungle ambiance.

During her time in Colombia, Sofie continuously gathered a series of soundscapes and, with the aid of some pre-recorded synths and pads, merged these sonic recollections into one long form piece.

The result, ‘Hidden Terraces’, comes in form of an audible postcard split into two movements, ‘Morgenånder’ (Morning Spirits) and ‘Vidsyn’ (Broad Views), each of which reveal Sofie sonically painting a diary of her journey, while encapsulating her moods and thoughts from her time spent in the South American Jungle.

Track: kouu
Artist: Hakobune
Release: Rain Studies
Label: Constellation Tatsu

Track: The First Star
Artist: Hakobune
Release: Obelisk
Label: Polar Seas

Track: furiko
Artist: Hakobune
Release: Solitude
Label: Polar Seas


Track: Endless
Artist: Havenaire
Release: Movement
Label: Polar Seas

Track: Untitled 01
Artist: Sunwatcher
Release: Gold
Label: High Spirits

Track: With Rumour
Artist: Maxwell Sterling
Release: Laced With Rumour
Label: Ecstatic


Track: Morgenånder
Artist: Sofie Birch
Release: Hidden Terraces

Track: Vidsyn
Artist: Sofie Birch
Release: Hidden Terraces


Track: Warble
Artist: Bing & Ruth
Release: Tomorrow Was the Golden Age
Label: RVNGIntl

Track: Memoir
Artist: Slow Dancing Society & zake
Release: Mirrored
Label: Zake Drone Recordings

Track: _Sealevel.2
Artist: Simon Scott
Release: Below Sea Level
Label: Touch

Track: Sunk Into Plastics
Artist: Malvern Brume
Release: Tendrils
Label: A L T E R

Track: Displacement
Artist: Steven Kemner
Release: Gradation Movements
Label: Self released

Track: Blue Kings
Artist: r beny
Release: Seafoam & Dust
Label: Self released

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