Used Parts Galaxy :: Richard Ginns – In Float 3rd Dec 2018

Our focus is on UK composer Richard Ginns. Richard is a sound artist and musician based in Manchester. He has a keen eye for visual arts and photography, his work often combines a visual theme in some way or form. We’ll feature his release In Float in full, a dreamy ambient dreamscape.


Heinali   Shadow Invention Iridescent

Channelers   Passage Entrance to the Next

Niskogradba   Who Knows, Who Knew Lies, Deception and Sin

Covarino/Incorvaia   II Chiodi

Poppy Ackroyd   Strata Feathers

Richard Ginns   A Wave A Beginning In Float

Richard Ginns   Curves On The Surface In Float

Richard Ginns   Flutter In Float

Richard Ginns   Gradually Falling In Float

Richard Ginns   One Note In Float

Richard Ginns   Gentle Resolve In Float

Sinerider   No One Can Hear You Four Years Away

Ziyek   A1 Way Of The Bow

A Home For Ghosts   Somewhere Else (interlude) .​.​. Of A Star, Never Setting

Rhucle   Forgotten River More Beautiful Than Silence

Sarah Davachi   Matins Gave in Rest

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