Used Parts Galaxy :: Kate Carr | Gail Priest 5th Nov 2018

Our feature release for this episode, the combined powers of Gail Priest and Kate Carr – a split release called Blue | Green.

Kate Carr’s blue charts a story of sailors and tides, inky nights and lonesome journeys. From bursts of radio static to the crackle of old records, receding tides and forgotten chants, blue moves from choppy seas to dark ponds and lost tales before closing with a delicate rain shower.

Through green, Gail Priest plumbs the sounds of her own backyard—the greenness of crickets, wild winds through leaves, raindrops on palm fronds and the dark dampness of the wormfarm. Emerging from this verdant landscape are half heard melodies and eerie voices, alluding to secret songs and forgotten spirits.


Panoptique Electrical   Stay Stay

Broken Chip   Waiting For The Storm PowWow 7

Erik Griswold   Yokohama Flowers Yokohama Flowers

The Little Hand of the Faithful   Ooh My Fictional Deity Is With You

Stuart Busby   Contentment Drift

Delicate Systems   Lattera 23 Amnesia

Delicate Systems   Afterglow What Follows

Seaworthy & Matt Rosner   Meroo Lake Pt 1 Two Lakes

Kate Carr   A Sailor's Chant Blue | Green

Kate Carr   Low Ride Blue | Green

Kate Carr   An Inky Night Blue | Green

Kate Carr   Perhaps A Greeny Blue Blue | Green

Gail Priest   Transmissions Blue | Green

Gail Priest   Randolph's Dream Blue | Green

Gail Priest   Ghost Gum Blue | Green

Gail Priest   Grue Bleen Blue | Green

Decibel   Beginning To Collapse Stasis Ecstatic

Kerry Norman   Off Ganymede [excerpt] Chaotic Flower

Jasmine Guffond   Degradation Loops (excerpt) Degradation Loops

Allison Walker   Mountain House Places on a Highway

Panoptique Electrical   Albury-Wodonga, May 2006 Let The Darkness At You

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