Used Parts Galaxy :: Amplify 2020 6th Jul 2020

On March 12, 2020, as the world was increasingly forced into isolation, Jon Abbey (Erstwhile Records) and a few friends began planning the online AMPLIFY 2020: quarantine festival. On March 20, 2020, they began posting newly recorded pieces from sound artists around the world and they plan to continue to do so until the world situation has taken a decided turn for the better, no matter how long that may take. We focus on 4 works as a part of this series.

Track: Des Tigres Multicolores
Artist: Berangere Maximin
Release: Land of Waves
Label: Karlrecords

Track: A1
Artist: Danny Clay & Matt Atkins
Release: An Index of Textures
Label: TSSS Tapes

Track: A3
Artist: Anne-F Jacques & Tim Olive
Release: Bistre
Label: TSSS Tapes

Track: Hoarding Dust with Ghosts in Corners
Artist: Testing Vault
Release: The Night Land
Label: Hellbones Records


Track: Pink Sea
Artist: Leighton Craig
Release: Pink Sea
Label: Kindling

Track: Blue Goat (excerpt)
Artist: Chihei Hatakeyama
Release: Blue Goat
Label: Longform Editions

Track: The Memory Of The Womb
Artist: Yolabmi
Release: Pillars of Cadence (Various Artists)

Track: What’s up G?
Artist: Hidden Rivers
Release: Plainsight Lakes
Label: Serein

Track: Daytona
Artist: Part Timer
Release: Part Timer
Label: Moteer


Track: Manivelle (4 May 2020)
Artist: Joel Stern
Release: 10pm Eternal
Label: Amplify2020

Track: night and morning interleaved (excerpt)
Artist: Anthony Guerra
Release: night and morning interleaved
Label: Amplify2020

Track: 41 containers (excerpt)
Artist: TARAB
Release: 41 containers
Label: Amplify2020

Track: tummypen42
Artist: Oren Ambarchi & Robbie Avenaim
Release: tummypen42
Label: Amplify2020

Track: on every stair another stairway is set in negative
Artist: Kate Carr
Release: on every stair another stairway is set in negative
Label: Amplify2020


Track: Dry Retch (2015)
Artist: Donnacha Costello
Release: Together
Label: Self released

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