Used Parts Galaxy :: Hunting Rituals 8th Feb 2021

Our focus on this episode is a noisier affair, woven within a web of airy white noise. It’s the music of Scott Johnson from Canada, who releases his work under many guises, on this occasion a release from 2009 as Hunting Rituals.

Track: Paper Giant Blind With Age (excerpt)
Artist: Xiphiidae
Release: Used Parts Galaxy
Label: Housecraft

Track: fgaow-∏wrg
Artist: Le Berger
Release: Music For Guitar & Patience
Label: Home Normal

Track: In Flight
Artist: Wil Bolton
Release: Cumulus Sketches
Label: Home Normal

Track: Dream World
Artist: Ki Oni
Release: A Little Night Music: Aural Apparitions from the Geographic North (Various Artists)
Label: Geographic North

Track: nx nox
Artist: GS Sultan
Release: Music For Living Water
Label: Self Released

Track: 1542
Artist: Tom Hall
Release: Bestowed Order on Chaos
Label: Errorgrid

Track: Alpha Beta Eros
Artist: Michael Pisaro-Liu
Release: Alpha Beta Eros
Label: Insub Records

Track: Untitled 01/Untitled 02/Untitled 03/Untitled 04/Untitled 05/Untitled 06
Artist: Hunting Rituals
Release: Hunting Rituals
Label: Faunasabbatha

Track: Orange Drops
Artist: Ståle Storløkken
Release: The Haze of Sleeplessness
Label: Hubro

Track: Going Around A Square Corner
Artist: Milam Wisp
Release: Butterfly Tokens
Label: Shimmering Moods

Track: Mine (excerpt)
Artist: Aros E-V
Release: Extant Ranges
Label: Canigou Records


XiphiidaePaper Giant Blind With Age (excerpt) ::

Le Bergerfgaow-∏wrg ::

Wil BoltonIn Flight ::

Ki OniDream World ::

GS Sultannx nox ::

Tom Hall1542 ::

Michael Pisaro-LiuAlpha Beta Eros ::

Hunting RitualsUntitled 01/Untitled 02/Untitled 03/Untitled 04/Untitled 05/Untitled 06 ::

Ståle StorløkkenOrange Drops ::

Milam WispGoing Around A Square Corner ::

Aros E-VMine (Excerpt) ::

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