Used Parts Galaxy :: FUJIEDA SATO MEEHAN 10:00pm 8th Jun 2020

We feature a series of improvisations recorded at Gen’on-sha Studio, Tokyo on October 7, 1994. Originally released in a black cardboard sleeve with metal embossed stamp, this is now available on Sean Meehan’s bandcamp page. The trio consist of Mamoru Fujieda – Computer,
Michihiro Sato – Shamisen Tsugaru and Sean G. Meehan – Drumset.

Track: Engalsvik
Artist: Distance Learning
Release: Deep Water Libraries
Label: Drift/Inner Oceans

Track: Hum In The Heart Of A Dreaming
Artist: Offthesky & The Humble Bee
Release: We Were The Hum Of Dreams
Label: laaps

Track: Fathoms
Artist: Tapes and Topographies
Release: Fathoms
Label: Self Released

Track: Place Memory
Artist: Seabuckthorn
Release: Through a Vulnerable Occur
Label: IIKKI


Track: Tivoli cottage, night-time
Artist: Raven
Release: in a cold cottage, in the dirt, in outer space
Label: Self Released

Track: The List
Artist: Luke Howard Trio
Release: The Shadow
Label: Self Released

Track: A Structured Removal, The Balance Of The Pulse
Artist: Bill Seaman
Release: Erasures and Displacements
Label: Eilean Records

Track: Ålykkja
Artist: Jo David Meyer Lysne & Mats Eilertsen
Release: Kroksjø
Label: Hubro


Track: All tracks
Artist: Mamoru Fujieda, Michihiro Sato & Sean Meehan
Release: Improvisations 07 October 1994
Label: Self Released


Track: Sheridan, WY
Artist: Michael Grigoni & Stephen Vitiello
Release: Slow Machines
Label: 12k

Track: Somewhere Beyond Here
Artist: Celer
Release: Somewhere Beyond Here
Label: Self Released

Track: Check Out
Artist: Alejandro Morse
Release: Hotel Hastings (Music by Alejandro Morse for a Book by Eduardo Padilla)
Label: Static Discos

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