Used Parts Galaxy :: Shinji Wakasa 9th Nov 2020

Shinji Wakasa is a Japanese artist, composer and sound designer who creates commercial/film music as well as being one half of techno duo Semiosis. His solo release on Spanish label Rottenman Editions is a triumphant exploration of atmospheric ambient music, awash with crackle & hiss, field recordings and dub like instrumentation. Pure Bliss! As well, new releases from ZONA, Ishmael Cormack, Luke Sanger, Ballrogg and much more.

Track: Feral
Artist: Ishmael Cormack
Release: Feral
Label: Mailbox

Track: Small Wings Behind
Artist: Mario Verandi
Release: Small Wings Behind
Label: Time Released Sound

Track: Sermon to the Birds
Artist: Hannu Karjalainen
Release: Drift
Label: Kingdoms

Track: Still Waters Run Deep
Artist: Catherine Watine
Release: Intrications Quantiques
Label: Time Released Sound

Track: It’s me in your echo
Artist: James A. McDermid
Release: Transit | Transition (split release with Anthene)
Label: Mailbox


Track: Only the Ocean
Artist: Near The Parenthesis
Release: Intervals
Label: n5MD

Track: Playing To The Bush
Artist: Luke Sanger
Release: Global Horizontal Irradiance
Label: Serein

Track: Seas Without A Shore
Artist: ZONA
Release: Silent City
Label: Shimmering Moods

Track: Agalma V (ft. Kali Malone)
Artist: Drew McDowall
Release: Agalma
Label: Dais Records

Track: Nostalgic Idol
Artist: Ballrogg
Release: Rolling Ball
Label: Clean Feed Records


Track: All Tracks
Artist: Shinji Wakasa
Release: Tranquilo Trasciendo
Label: Rottenman Editions


Track: Memory of Lunch
Artist: North Americans
Release: Roped In
Label: Third Man Records

Track: Balkanize
Artist: Vieo Abiungo
Release: At Once, There Was No Horizon
Label: Lost Tribe Sound

Track: Terra
Artist: Flora Yin-Wong
Release: Holy Palm
Label: Self Released

Track: Always The Last Time
Artist: Tapes and Topographies
Release: Inoculations

Track: Lisbon, Hakodate
Artist: Takumi Akaishi
Release: Memória
Label: Art Into Life

Track: Psalm 4 (edit)
Artist: Date Palms
Release: Soft Psalms
Label: Root Strata

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