Weekend Breakfast :: 7:00am 12th Aug 2017


Jen Cloher   Regional Echo

Lowtide   Alibi

Marlon Williams   Vampire Again

Pan Pacific Grand Prix   Everything is Awful

The National   Carin at the Liquor Store

Ty Segall   Big Man

Gold Class   Get Yours

Caroline Says   I Think I'm Alone Now

David Rawlings   Money Is The Meat

Milk Teddy   New York Rhaposdy

All Written Out In Numbers   This Is the Kit

Caroline Says   Streetlights

Whitney   The Falls

Saskwatch   Finger Paintings

Bedouine   Nice and Quite

Jen Cloher   Sensory Memory

Pan Pacific Grand Prix   Everything Is Awful

The Bombay Royale   I Love You Love You

Pomdip   Jamaica

Bleach Dream   Drown in Colours

David Rawlings   Cumberland Gap

Tammy Haider   Rare Lemonade

Amy O   Elastic

Beaches   When You're Gone

Morning TV   Let It Lie

Jen Cloher   Waiting In The Wings

Holly Throsby   Mountain

Yirrimal   Blackfella Whitefella

Alex Cameron   Stranger's Kiss

Moses Summey   Doomed

Cookin' On 3 Burners   Sweet Talker

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