Weekend Breakfast :: 7:00am 13th Jan 2019


Cool Sounds   The Beat

Allysha Joy   FNFL

Grand Salvo   In The Shade

Buxton   Jan

Swearin'   Smoke or Steam

Wargirl   No Difference

Yves Tumor   All The Love We Have Now

Harouna Samake   Try Voice

Field of Wolves   Yellow Star

Noel Wells   Star

Paint   Plastic Dreams

Tomberlin   A Video Game

Lady King   I Want You Bad

Wild Nothing   Wheel of Misfortune

Hand Habits   Placeholder

Mitski   Blue Light

Candy   Destroy My Body

Ibibio Sound Machine   Tell Me

Key Out   Nameless Town

Madeline Kenney   No Weekend

Deep Sea Arcade   Oh Julia

Ryley Walker   Raven

Noname   Song 31

Lucero   For The Lonely Ones

Magic Potion   Rest Yr Skull

The Orbweavers   Silos On The Hill

Doe Paoro   Cruelty Of Nature

The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra   The System

Maribou State   Beginners Luck

Crepes   High Time

Kristin Hersh   Loud Mouth

Jealous of The Birds   Marrow

Popstrangers   Country Kills

Jaytee   On


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