Weekend Breakfast :: 7:00am 1st Jul 2018


Courtney Barnett   Crippling Self Doubt and A General lack of Self Confidence

The San Sebastian   Forgotten Star

Jim James   No Secrets

The Finks   When What Changed Us, Changed Us

Nova One   If You Were Mine

Sudan Archives   Pay Attention

Ernie Hawks and The Soul Investigator   Cold Turkey Time

Wye Oak   Symmetry

Makeness   Who Am I To Follow

Kevin Kauter   Rollerskate

Amen Dunes   Blue Rose

Melody's Echo Chamber   Cross My Heart

Dereb The Ambassador   Mewuded Lemejemer

Beach House   Drunk In LA

Jim James   Too Good To Be True

The Goon Sax   She Knows

Tanya Harper   Graceless

Adrian Younge   The Leaves

Paul White   Rejuvenate

The Shacks   My Name Is

Black THought   Thank You

Tony Molina   Nothing I Can Say

Hamish Kilgour   Hayride

Body Type   Arrow

Sam Evian   Where Did You Go

Jim James   Just A Fool

The James Hunter Six   It Was Gonna Be You

Malena Zavala   If It Goes

Queen Jeans   Clever Hands

Bombino   Tehigren

Neighbor Lady   Oh Honey


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