Weekend Breakfast :: 7:00am 29th Jul 2017


Waxahatchee   No Question

Japanese Breakfast   Soft Sounds From Another Planet

Perfume Genius   Just LikeLove

Cookin' on 3 Burners   More Than a Mountain

Fallon Crush   Long Shot

Tom Cooney   River and Bridge

Kardajala Kirrdarra   Two Worlds Colide

The Bombay Royale   RoboBeez

Illa J   Home

Charlotte Dos Santos   King Of Hearts

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis   You're So Fine

Freya Josephine Holland   Tough As A Sundried Dead Mans Skin

Yirrmal   Blackfella Whitefella

Big Theif   Shark Smile

Songhoy Blues   Mali Nord

Cornelius   The Spell Of A Vanishing Loneliness

Bedouine   One Of These Days

Aldous Harding   Imagining My Man

Brightness   Surrender

Perfume Genius   Slip Away

Milk Teddy   Sweet Bells Jangled

Michael Nau   I Root

Chastity Belt   Stuck

The San Sebastian   Red River

Beach Fossils   Tangerine

Jen Cloher   Regional Echo

All Our Exes Live in Texas   Sailboat

Five Coffees   A Little Revolting

Cornelius   No English Title

Avey Tare   Jackson 5

Bus Vipers   Fluid

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