Teaching Ethics To Finance Students

How would the finance industry and society as a whole benefit from a stronger ethical framework? After the fallout from the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, many people would say that ethics and finance are an oxymoron.

On this episode, we speak to Gerhard Hambusch, Senior Lecturer in finance at the University of Technology Sydney, about teaching ethics to finance students. Gerhard believes the finance industry can work to instill a public trust in the fairness of markets through ethical training and practice.

Further Reading:

  1. You can find Gerhard on Twitter @GerhardHambusch, LinkedIn or on the UTS website.
  2. Still not clear on the legal definition of insider trading in Australia? You can find the relevant legislation in the Corporations Act 2001 Section 1043A
  3. Dr Simon Longstaff is the Executive Director of The Ethics Centre
  4. For more information on the Chartered Financial Analyst Program, visit The CFA Institute


Music: Michael Meem, Peter Sandberg and Matt Haik

Photo: UTS Business School (Gerhard Hambusch)

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