Etiquette for Bushfire Parties & Cinemas

In this week’s Vulture’s Nest guests comedians Christina Van Look and Peter Gleeson jump into the nest with host Sean Morahan to pull apart a few stories from the news.

We started this morning’s programme with the story of the Prime Minister hosting a party of international cricketers while the country is in another bushfire crisis (PM Scott Morrison hosted the Australian and NZ cricket teams).  In a media statement about hosting the cricketers, the PM made some remarks that Sean thought were odd.

Sean asked Christina and Pete:

  • Should you publicly party and play during a catastrophe?
  • What can the PM do (or do better) in a national crisis?
  • Do you know why Ross Gittins is not going to donate to the Rural Fire Service? Do you agree with his explanation?
  • Does current anger subside before election time?
  • How big does a catastrophe have to be for a leader to act with visible concern?
  • Are test matches more important bushfires?
  • Have you ever seen a political leader really ‘on their game’ in an emergency?
  • What signs would you like to see from a good government leader?
  • Should one of a government’s top priorities be a budget surplus? Always?

New Year’s Eve

Tex Perkins waved his middle finger symbolically at the Prime Minister during his (Perkins’) NYE performance.

  • Do you have an opinion on this?
  • Do you need to have an opinion on this?
  • Is ScoMo’s playlist genuine or ‘tweaked’ for PR?
  • Is New Year’s Eve allowed to be ‘political’?
  • How much energy is expended to ‘flip the bird’?
  • What do you think of NYE fireworks?

Canadian Cinema Incident

Canadians have a global reputation for their politeness, but how rude can you be (or should you be) in calling out someone else’s rudeness?

A Canadian Star Wars ‘fan’ has gone to the dark side in expressing his displeasure at some fellow cinema-goers.

You can see one version of the story here:

The nesties do a 30 second re-cap of movie-going etiquette!

The Vultures Nest is on Saturday mornings after Final Draft on 2SER.

Saturday 4th of January, 2020

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