EU Push for Universal Phone Charger

Imagine if every phone used the same charger. Well this might soon be a reality as the EU pushes for a universal charger in order to reduce ‘e-waste’.

Electronic waste (e-waste) has become a growing problem throughout the years as many people discard their old or faulty products for the latest in technology. The European Union has observed this issue and has decided to crack down on none other than phone chargers, proposing that all phones are to be compatible with a universal charger in order to reduce e-waste. Whilst many people are excited for this proposal and what this means for a more sustainable future, it is with no surprise that companies such as Apple have quite strong objections, claiming that regulation will only stifle innovation. 2SER spoke with Professor Geoffrey Brooks, a research director in mechanical and product design engineering from Swinburne University of Technology about this proposal and what it will mean for the industry.

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