Everyone in my Family has Killed Someone by Benjamin Stevenson – Part One

We discuss chapters 1-15 of Benjamin Stevenson’s phenomenal 2022 metafictional mystery, ‘Everyone in my Family has Killed Someone‘. Ernest Cunningham is a writer of murder-mystery how-to books, and is already Flex’s new best friend because he put the Knox Decalogue at the start of his book. Summoned to a family reunion in the mountains, Ern takes us on a tour of the terrible misdeeds his family has gotten up to, and, he promises, how it leads into the mysterious murder at said reunion. Armed with a list of the page count of each death, a vehicular warning, and a promise, it’s up to you to see if your murder mystery gumption can keep up with Ern’s.

Check out Part Two and Part Three here!

Thank you to Penguin Australia for providing copies of the book.

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