Existential Erasure

Since 2009, Perth (Boorloo) duo Erasers have been making hypnotic drone music that is borderline transcendental.
Armed with a minimalistic setup of a drum machine, a keyboard (or two) and a guitar, the pair create song structures that warmly hum and resonate throughout the mind, body and soul.
After a series of EPs, singles and commissioned scores, the two-piece have recently released their third record: CONSTANT CONNECTION. An album that never really wavers from their well established lo-fi aesthetic and acts as a electric current that takes on a meditative feel.
A tuning fork for the soul if you will.

Enraptured with the desolate beauty that comes with the distance between Perth and Sydney, it’s almost too easy to call this record ‘bleak’, but what it is – is beautifully open.
A trance like state of flow and balance that comes from interlacing chants and mesmeric tones that perfectly captures the vastness of a continent that is subject to the tyranny of distance.

Ahead of their time in Sydney to launch their record CONSTANT CONNECTION Rebecca and Rupert of Erasers took some time out to have a chat on The Band Next Door about the constructs behind the music, their time spent during Western Australia’s prolonged lockdown and what their place within Perth’s music scene means to them.

You can check out CONSTANT CONNECTION on their bandcamp page


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