As Memories Pass Each Other by Alannah Russack’s Entropy Band

Words by James Fitzgerald Sice

Alannah Russack’s Entropy Band shine bright with As memories pass each other, the 2SER Feature Album this week!

With songs that join disparate recollections and places, this is an exceptional debut record from a cast of Sydney mainstays that hits a sweet spot of realness and familiar jangle-pop shine.

The album has been due since Feb 2020, so to say it is highly anticipated is a vast understatement.

A member of the highly regarded indie pop band The Hummingbirds and more recently The Aerial Maps, As Memories Pass Each Other showcases Alannah’s musical adaptability and natural gift for ‘melodic storytelling’.

The album starts with ‘Places You Love,’ a bright song that establishes the musical tone and place-based themes of the album. A bittersweet reflection on our nostalgic connection to places throughout our lives, ‘Places You Love’ is a catchy and poignant song that leaves the listener wanting more insight into Alannah’s past.

As Memories Pass Each Other is an introspective examination of memories that seem to linger around old haunts and intertwine like a tapestry of the past. Alannah provides an intricate insight into her experiences of love, loss, and much more. Each song searches for understanding and explores a new memory with an immersive and engaging musical style to match the mood and drive the story.

Ending on a 26-second hidden track called ‘Hell space guitar’ which consists entirely of jagged, distorted guitar feedback, the musical contrast in this album is beaten only by the vast array of lyrical themes which collectively provides a small insight into the human condition and longing for unattainable answers.

With a range of talented local Sydney musicians such as Ratcat’s Marc Scully, Sidewinder’s Shane Melder and keyboard legend and music academic Jadey O’Regan, Alannah’s vast collection of songs dive into depths of complex human emotions of grief, joy, isolation, and wonder.

If you are a fan of The Cranberries, Alison Kraus, Courtney Barnett, The Go-Betweens, or Middle Kids As Memories Pass Each Other is a must-listen for you! Available now on Bandcamp and Spotify!

As Memories Pass Each Other, by Alannah Russack’s Entropy Band,  The Feature Album on 2SER 107.3!!!