Dreamer by Nabihah Iqbal

The 2SER Feature Album this week is DREAMER, the second full length from London-based producer, radio broadcaster, festival director, arts curator (the list goes on) Nabihah Iqbal.

It’s the follow up to 2020’s Weighing of the heart. Shortly after that albums release Iqbal suffered a studio break-in, closely followed by having to visit Pakistan to visit an ailing grandparent, resulting in an enforced break from electronic production which lead her to focus again on acoustic guitar and harmonium.

And this one goes sky high: it’s an impeccably crafted recorded sitting at an intersection of hazy dream pop, watercolored rave and melancholic new wave guitars. Across both it’s acoustic and electronic directions it’s a total gem of a record that is carried by cosmic melodies, swirling synthesisers and an understated storytelling element.


Dreamer is out now on Ninja Tune on vinyl and Digital.