Like that by Cool Sounds

Like that is the fifth album by Melbourne-based band Cool Sounds, and the feature album this week at 2SER.

Led by musical jack-of-all-trades Dainis Lacey, who plays almost every instrument on the record, ‘Like That’ combines wry, acerbic lyrics with bright, unstoppable pop-funk, finding a sweet spot between Ian Dury & the Blockheads, Hot Chip and 80s 12” mixes by Francois K. 

Past albums have moved deftly through indie-rock, slick 80s pop and wistful alt-country, with a light touch that disguises  Lacey’s sardonic, perceptive songwriting. 2019’s Cactus Country was nominated for an Australian Independent Record Label Award. 

A departure from their usual dream-pop style, ‘Like That’ has been described as a transformative album with fresh hints of funk, disco, and glam-rock with musical and lyrical flair similar to that of David Byrne of The Talking Heads.

‘Like That’ has an extensive range of musical textures that seamlessly melt together, with the help of a few well-placed hooks, solid thumping bass lines, and a consistently crisp layer of cowbell and synthetic handclaps that make any listener want to buy a pair of ray bans and dance shamelessly down the street.

‘Like That’ is highly recommended and out now on vinyl and digital via Chapter music.

Words by James Fitzgerald Sice.