Lo-Life! by Immy Owusu

The Feature Album this week is on 2SER is Lo-Life!, the breakout debut record from Immy Owusu. 

Immanuel Kwabena Dreessens-Owusu grew up in two worlds: the sea bleached lifestyle of the Australian Surf Coast with its rock n roll soundtrack, and the musical heritage of his Ghanaian / Dutch family. Immy’s father Kojo Noah Owusu is one of Australia’s best regarded West African musicians and his grandfather Koo Nimo is a legend of Ghanaian Highlife and Palm Wine music active since the 1960s.

From them Immy learned Asanti music and its instruments, added a fuzz pedal and began to experiment.

And the record is outstanding, where Owusu links these multi-world sounds, cutting across surf-rock, Australiana and West African hi-life  with psychedelic synth overtones. It’s an experimental fusion  that just nails it at every turn, in combination his recently formed live outfit that features members of Surprise Chef, Karate Boogaloo and The Senegambian Jazz Band. 

Highly recommended and out this week on Hope Street Recordings via digital and vinyl.