SOULACOASTA II by Close Counters

The Feature Album this week on 2SER comes via Naarm-based production duo Close Counters, aka Allan McConnell and Finn Rees.

Soulacoasta II is a whirlwind trip through impeccably constructed house and jazzy dance goodness. working in elements of french touch, UKG and excellent sample-based arrangements that capture the spirit of 80s boogie, early 2000s house music and broken beat, while pushing the genre forward. Many of the tracks  are an extension of their highly reputable live shows, featuring percussive flourishes by Lucky Pereira, as well as guest vocal work from the always excellent Kudu Joy.

Coming in at fourteen tracks plus extended mixes, this is a lengthy and exceptional record  that works for dancefloors, as well anywhere else that calls for bright, intricately woven electronic music.

Soulacoasta II is out independently. 2SER Subscribers can win a signed vinyl sampler of the record “in the usual way”.