Final Draft May 13th – Sydney Writers Festival 2017: Hugh Mackay & Clare Sawyer

Today on Final Draft we’re getting excited for Sydney Writers Festival

Hugh Mackay’s Selling the Dream takes us into the bowels of the advertising industry in an hilarious satire that will make you laugh as you worry someone’s got their hand in your pocket. Boutique agency KK&C have landed the contract for ‘The Ripper’; an obtuse curry based snack, vomit inducing, bedecked in bright orange, and containing poison. We follow Linc the Hunter who seess The Ripper campaign as his platform to new heights in the business, no matter the impact on those around him. Hugh will be appearing at Sydney Writers Festival.

Clare Sawyer is the head of programming for Children’s and Young Adult fiction at this year’s Sydney Writers Festival. It’s a huge job with a fantastic line up down at Walsh Bay and an array of events happening across the city. She joins Andrew on the line from Sydney Writers Festival HQ to help us get excited for a huge week of events.

Produced by Andrew Pople

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