Final Draft May 6th – Storyland & The Restorer

Today on Final Draft we take a tour of the coasts north and south of Sydney; exploring our history and relationship with the land…

Catherine McKinnon’s Storyland weaves stories from throughout the history of the Illawarra region and into our near future. “The land is a book, waiting to be read”, offers the reader an enigmatic that is tantalisingly close to anyone who feels near to our natural world. Blurring the line between genres; McKinnon explores historical fiction, suspense and sci-fi to weave a tale that helps bring us closer to the land, read its myriad stories and warn us of the danger to come.

The Restorer is the latest novel from Michael Sala. Taking us to Newcastle in 1989, it explores one family’s attempts to piece together their lives whilst an ever looming threat violence hangs over the horizon. Maryanne and Roy, and their two children Freya and Daniel arrive at a run down old terrace in the heart of the steel city. They are here to restore the house, which Roy has bought, in an attempt to rebuild their family from an unspoken damage that has torn Maryanne and Roy apart.

Produced by Andrew Pople

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