Financial Literacy and the Cost of Good Advice

On this episode, we’re looking at financial literacy in Australia. First, we calculate the retirement savings of a fictional 80’s soap opera character. Then, Jon Tyler from the UTS Business School joins us to explain why financial literacy is so important for everyone, not just ‘boring accountants.’

Further Reading:

  • Not sure where to start budgeting and personal financial planning? ASIC has a great (free) online tool called MoneySmart.
  • More information can be found on Jon and his work at the UTS Business School website
  • Check out Adele Furgeson’s AFR article on the changing nature of the financial advice sector in Australia
  • ASIC has compiled helpful information on payday loans here

Music: Tomoko Aran, Taeko Ohnuki, Ethan Sloan, V.V. Campos, Raymond Grouse and Neighbours Theme by Barry Crocker

Image: AAP

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