First Nations Foundation launches “Beyond the Gap” podcast

Exciting news this week as the First Nations Foundation launched their “Beyond the Gap” podcast, centering around the ‘closing the gap’ initiative to reduce disadvantage among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The project boasts several Indigenous and non-indigenous Thought-leaders, business executives and community voices to explore best practice for reconciliation and Indigenous engagement within corporate Australia and beyond.

The podcast covers the steps needed to close the gap and contextualises Indigenous experience historically, giving insight on why they still face more disadvantages than non-Indigenous people today. It’s a must-listen for those wanting to expand their knowledge on how to better engage with Indigenous people and issues and learn more about how we can eventually reach the goal of closing the gap.

Jarred Cross joins Podcast Host and First Nations Foundation CEO Phil Usher for more about the production, which you can listen to now on your favourite podcast apps.


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