Flight 804 with Friends As DJs, Maxxyt and Lyre Byrdland

Departure Lounge
Flight 804
Saturday 8th April, 2017
w. Maxxyt and Lyre Brydland

Elchino take Off Set

Mission Impossible/Lizzie Mercer Descloiux/7E
Button Up/The Bloods/Soul Jazz
Can’t Be Funky/Bush Tetras/Stiff
I Always Wanted to Be In A Band/Step By Step/Brunswick
Blofonyobi Wo Atale/The Pyschedlic Aliens/Voodoo Funk
Solid Wall Of Sound/Tribe Called Quest/Mercury
Circle/Jazzanova with Ursula Rucker/JCR
High Priestess/Karma/JCR
Hashish/Cosmic Rockers vs. Zeb/Codek
Peninsula/Cale Sexton/Butter Sessions
Bermuda/Harvey Sutherland/Priestess
Boy Toy/Honey Source Band/Audio Chemists
Dance With You/Paul Raymond/Super Disco Re-edits
Hot Foot/ Lyre Byrdland
Baribala/Arel Bacou
Imagination/Glenn Lumanta
Dirty Sheets/Baldwins
Sorrow/Snarky Puppy
Mousterious Moustache/Dubious Blues Trio
Lady/Tune Yards feat Questlove

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