Funding for Artists with a Disability

Two exciting announcements have been made in the disability and art sector on the 24th of September.

The Australian Government is seeking public feedback to improve access to and participation in the arts for people with a disability. This consultation opened on the 24th of September to assist the renewal of the National Arts and Disability Strategy.

On the same day, Australia Council for the Arts announced their $750,000 funding. This funding is informed by the council’s research that emphasises the importance of agency, ownership, visible success and role models in creating pathways for artists.

Artist and academic, Dr Debra Keenahan (pictured) says all too often artists with a disability can often be spoken for and their voices not heard, consequently, the stories don’t necessarily get told properly.  Our producer Marlene Even examines this new funding.



Tony Grybowski, CEO of Australia Council of the Arts (livestreaam speech at Meeting Place)

Liz Martin, Arts Development Manager of Accessible Arts

Dr Debra Keenahan, artist and academic

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