Future Funk With The Putbacks

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Charles Bradley – Black Velvet (Feature Album)

The Putbacks – The Putbacks
Mr Twin Sister – Salt
Bill Ryder-Jones – Yawn
Crepes – In Cahoots
boygenius – boygenius
J Mascis – Elastic Days
Doe Paoro – Soft Power

If you want some magical soul rhythms this week, look no further than Melbourne group The Putbacks. You might remember their incredible collaboration with Emma Donovan a few years back, but they’ve returned with their second, self-titled album. While they’ve long taken cues from the great soul and funk house bands of the 60s and 70s like, The Putbacks have always managed to inject something grittier and almost primal to their sound. It’s a little sinister, a little darker, but all the way transportive and playful. This one’s produced by Paul Bender from Haitus Kaiyote and features collaborations with Bilal and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson too.

And while we’re in Melbourne, let’s switch lanes to dream poppers, Crepes. What started out as a solo bedroom project from Tim Karmouche, has now well and truly flourished into a compact five-piece. A quick follow up to last year’s debut, ‘In Cahoots’ is their second long-player and sees the group moving deeper into collaboration with a renewed spring in their sound. Beautifully crafted songs that are built on tight arrangements, ringing guitar melodies and shimmering  harmonies.

‘Salt’ is the first album in four years from New York’s Mr Twin Sister. They’re a band who have had a lot of comparisons to Cocteau Twins and Portishead, if that’s your flavour, and partly in sound but mostly in a vision built on experimentation. Though underpinned by electronics, frontwoman Andrea Estella’s vocals take centre stage in a way like never before. Worldly flavours are on offer here with a look in to jazz, dance floor pop, dub and funk.

There’s also new singles from Jess Locke, Nightmares on Wax, Palm Springs, St. Ives, POND and Way Dynamic.

Thursday 8th of November, 2018

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