The Generation Gap In Cyber Security

Did you know that  someone with access to your mobile phone can take just as much – if not more – from you than if they had access to your house? Security company Bitdefender has undertaken some research around attitudes to cyber security in Australia.

Most Australians – 85 percent of us – lock our doors when we leave our house. So why is it so different when it comes to cyber security?

The research tells us 59 percent of Australians keep sensitive data on their phone, yet only two-thirds (63 percent) of us have a passcode on our phone.

Generation Y is the most blasé when it comes to cyber security issues. When asked if cyber security was important, a little over half of Gen Y agreed. This is in contrast to Generation X and the 65+ cohort where 72 percent in each group agreed.

Nic crunches the numbers on why a generation gap exists when it comes to perceptions and priorities around cyber security.

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