Get Away With Dre: Dog-Friendly Travel in Wingello State Forest

This is where we talk about travel on a Tuesday to get you planning for the weekend. This weekend, Dre is letting the dogs out with tips on dog-friendly travel in Wingello State Forest.

We all know that your dog’s favourite outing is the one with you. But taking them somewhere new to explore is great for their mind and health, and its precious bonding time together. They’re not here for a long time – so make it a great time.

This weather is also perfect for pooches. It’s not too hot or cold so they can spend longer outdoors. 

Wingello State Forest is located in the Southern Highlands and unlike National Parks, dogs are allowed in state forests, but a number of these forests do fox baiting which makes it dangerous to take your dog. Wingello is one that doesn’t perform any fox baiting so it’s safe for your pooch.

  • Dog Sledding

If you love dogs, this is definitely one to check out, and it’s on this weekend (22nd – 23rd July). If you miss it, you’ll have to wait till September. It runs during the cooler months because it’s safer for the dogs.

The NSW Siberian Express Hypro Premium Sled Dog Sprint and it’s open for anyone to join or watch to cheer on the racers and their dogs. It’s a 6am start on both days at the campground.

Wingello is known for fun mountain bike (mtb) trails, however the last bushfires took a lot of the state forest out. The mtb trails are designed, built, and maintained by the Highlands Trails team and unfortunately, approximately 47 km of mtb trails have been closed since 2020 due to fire damage and bad weather, however in June they opened a loop of fresh trails. There are 6 trails all Green and Blue graded. It’s great for people learning to mtb and intermediate riders can enjoy the trail as well. It’s perfect to take the dog because the ground is compact and soft for their joints. 

It’s well maintained and well posted with a few features like small jumps, and nice flowy and fast berms.

  • 4WD and dirt bike trails

They have designated 4WD trails and trails to take your registered dirt bikes. Check out the map at the campground and have fun exploring the area.  

  • Camping at the HQ Campsite

Great dog friendly campsite. It has one toilet and running water. Campfires are allowed out of fire danger season of course, and you can gather your own firewood if you take a quick walk around the area.

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