Ginger Gorman’s Trollhunting

Today’s episode features Ginger Gorman discussing her groundbreaking work of investigative journalism Trollhunting.

Ginger Gorman

Ginger is an award winning print, online and radio  journalist. Her work has featured on the BBC, ABC, SMH, Triple J, as well as The Guardian and a host of others. 


When Ginger Gorman’s work as a journalist led her to be the target of online trolls she could barely comprehend the vitriol and trauma she would be subjected to. As the online attacks subsided Ginger’s horror turned to curiosity and she sought to discover who these online trolls were and what motivated them.

The result of her years of investigation is Trollhunting, an exploration of online trolling featuring in depth interviews with some of the web’s most notorious trolls. Exploring the way online abuse is more than a virtual phenomenon; Ginger details the ways our online and irl lives are entwined and trolling leads to real life harm.

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