Girls at Gaffa, showing support for women in the arts

Girls at Gaffa is a series of exhibitions featuring works by an all-female group of artists and curators.

Running until the end of this month, the exhibitions are in four separate galleries, all within the Gaffa Creative Precinct in Sydney’s CBD.

HEY GURL“, an exhibition curated by Kimberley Peel, has been described as “a supportive space for emerging female artists”. It features many forms of art, including jewellery, puppet-making and audiovisual installations.

Along with “HEY GURL”, there are three other exhibitions, “String Line” by Helen Amanatiadis, “Pin Up Girl” by Amy Elizabeth and “Body Space” by Kristina Neumann.

Kimberley joined the Friday Drive Team to talk more about her exhibition and what else is on display at Gaffa.

Images sourced from Gaffa.

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