GLAM Slam Live!


“Hands up for those amongst us who think the arts provide a rich and more meaningful life…”  

On this episode, we go back and listen to our live event-GLAM Slam!

Glam Slam was hosted by the Australian Centre for Public History at the University of Technology Sydney in early March. Tickets sold out early but you get a second chance to be there.

During the day, we held a panel discussion entitled GLAM WTF?! Joining us were Julia Mant (National Institute of Dramatic Art), Maggie Patton (the Library of New South Wales),  Janson Hews (Sydney Living Museums), Marcus Hughes (Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences) and Gionni (John) di Gravio (University of Newcastle Library)

This week we listen back to Janson Hews and Marcus Hughes discussing critical engagement and authorship in the GLAM sector.

You can see the 3D printed Wedgewood Sugar Bowl Janson discusses here.

Listen back to season one to hear Julia Mant on why archives need a shredder and Maggie Patton on how to dissect popular culture.

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