Good cook. Friendly. Clean


What’s it like to be on the hunt for share accommodation in your 40’s and 50’s? This play tackles that issue and looks at how there is a fine line between housing and living on the street!

Director Marion Potts talks with Stages about the play Good Cook. Friendly. Clean. by Brooke Robinson.  A contemporary look at society and community through share accommodation.

Coming home one night, Sandra learns she has two weeks to move out. It’s nothing personal, her housemates just have a friend who needs somewhere to stay. No choice but to pack up and find another sharehouse. But Sandra is in her 50s. And affordable places are hard to find in the ruthless Sydney rental market. In one interview after another, she contorts herself into the shape of what she thinks people want in a housemate. But with each rejection she becomes increasingly desperate, losing control of her life in frighteningly simple ways.

Brooke Robinson has written an unflinching examination of homelessness, asking how willing we are, as a society, to take care of our most vulnerable. As the housing crisis worsens, what happens to people like Sandra – to those who don’t own a home, who are getting older and don’t have family to fall back on?

Funny until it’s not, Good Cook. Friendly. Clean. is a devastating portrait of someone slipping through the cracks. It’s not a comfortable play—it’s a critical one. And under the direction of Marion Potts, looking away is not an option.

Director Marion Potts
Designer Melanie Liertz
Lighting Designer Alexander Berlage
Sound Designer & Composer Nate Edmondson
Stage Manager Khym Scott
With Fayssal Bazzi, Tara Morice, Kelly Paterniti

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