Grab Hold of Recruits & Let Go of the Pope!

In today’s Vultures’ Nest program, guests Christina Van Look and Peter Gleeson joined host Sean Morahan

A Recruiting Assault on Millennials

The Vultures revisited a story that ‘the Nest’ covered about a year ago: the British Army’s extraordinary recruiting campaign’s results, and its latest version of that campaign.

Sean went on reconnaissance with Christina and Pete to find out:

  • Is the latest ad campaign as hilarious as Sean thinks it is?
  • How might the Army deal with unfit recruits (compared with previous decades)?
  • The British Navy had rum rations until the 1970s. Is alcohol a good lure for military service?
  • Will millennial Army recruits experience shell shock just from basic training?
  • Do millennials want to “live fast, die young and leave a good-looking corpse”?
  • Will the stereotypical sergeant-majors need to treat the new recruits differently?
  • Have Christina and Pete ever realised that they are being targeted by advertising?
  • Did they recognise targeted advertising in the years before the internet?
  • How do Christina and Pete respond to advertising that they think is targeting them (based on their previous behaviours, for example)?
  • If the AIDS ad on TV from the 80s helped to promote ten pin bowling?

A Laying (Off) of Hands by The Pope

In our second story of this week’s programme, we looked at Pope Francis’ New Year’s Eve confrontation with an adoring woman.  The Pope appeared to lose patience with a woman in the crowd when the woman grabbed him and pulled him toward her.  He struck her hand to get her to let go.

You can see the incident here:

Our panel this morning discussed:

  • Most of us have probably got up to some New Year’s shenanigans at least once in our life, so does an ‘infallible’ Pontiff get a free pass on New Year’s Eve, or his behaviour under scrutiny more than ever?
  • The Pope is 83 years old.  Should that be taken into account when assessing his actions in this situation?  What else should be considered?
  • The Pope also delivered a homily denouncing violence against women.  Could this be viewed as hypocritical or is that too harsh an assessment?

A Surprise Tipple on Antiques Roadshow

Do you like the TV show Antiques Roadshow?

We explored the recent story (about an incident on AR several years ago) relating to an old bottle of ‘something or other”!