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Today’s Great Conversation is with Alexis Wright. Alexis is one of Australia’s most influential writers. A member of the Waanyi nation of The Gulf of Carpentaria, her 2006 novel Carpentaria won the Miles Franklin Awrd for 2007.  Alexis’ latest work is ‘Tracker’ a collective memoir of the life of charismatic Aboriginal leader and activist Tracker Tilmouth. Alexis joins Andrew Pople in the studio to discuss the life of Tracker Tilmouth and the need for visionary thought and a willingness to step outside our comfort zone in the discussion around indigenous recognition and treaty.


How do you tell a story, almost too big to contain in a single book? Alexis Wright begins Tracker with a question and goes on to answer it through a most unique and thought provoking collection. Drawing on stories and recollections from the life of Tracker Tilmouth and those who knew him. Tracker collects narratives and seeks to build consensus around a man who meant so much to indigenous Australians.

Part memoir, part philosophy and economic treatise, Wright builds a picture of a man whose loss is deeply felt. In a world seeking a way forward to reconcile its colonial past and legacy of invasion, Tracker challenges the reader to step outside their comfort zone. Essential reading for all Australians.

About the Stella Prize

In 2011 a panel of women publishers, editors and writers banded together to address the obvious sexism and gender bias on prize lists and in media representation of Australian writing. From that meeting emerged the Stella Prize; celebrating the best in Australian women’s writing from the previous year. Now in its sixth year the Stella Prize has celebrated writers such as Charlotte Wood, Emily Bitto and Heather Rose.  A powerful barometer of Australian Writing and an exciting event on our literary calendar, Final Draft is proud to support the prize’s work..

Tracker is out now from Giramondo

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