Greg Poppleton; The rich history of ‘The Phantom Dancer’

Greg Poppleton, the host of 2SER’s swing and jazz music show: ‘The Phantom Dancer,’ first airing in 1985, remains a pioneer in technological firsts for the station. He is celebrated for almost four decades of dedication to the station and the show.

“It was the very first 2SER show that got itself promoted in the street press weekly,” says Poppleton. “It was also the very first program in May of 1995, recorded digitally and aired digitally.

“It was also the very first program that used the World Wide Web to create content… That was done years before contemporary music programs were forced to do these things.”

The Phantom Dancer’ showcases a distinctive range of music from the 1920s to the 1960s without mediation, transporting listeners to another dimension with its old-time announcements.

Greg reflects on how he believes radio will endure in the new era of social media and technology. He emphasises the “sense of occasion” that old American radio brought to live broadcasts, integrating this into ‘The Phantom Dancer’ in order to make the show a unique and relevant experience for today’s audience.

You can experience Poppleton’s infectious enthusiasm for live music every Tuesday afternoon – from 12 p.m till 2 p.m on 2SER 107.3

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