Greyhound Racing

Humane Society International (HSI) Australia has slammed last week the announcement that the greyhound racing industry in NSW will receive a $41 million publicly funded subsidy to continue over the next five years. The report released last week outlined that $11 million will go towards a new integrity commission, with the safety of greyhound tracks given $30 million to “improve animal welfare standards that lower the risk of injury”.

HSI argues that, “This amount of public funds should not be allocated to an industry exposed for mass dog killings, fatal injuries, live baiting and doping with dangerous drugs.” 9th April will be a national day of action, when protests against greyhound racing will take place. In Sydney the rally will be in Wenthworth Park.

Verna Simpson, Director, Humane Society International came in to chat with The Daily

Producer: Sarka Pechova

Monday 3rd of April, 2017

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