Henry Parker guest selects for Sideways Through Sound 22-09-2021

Henry Parker introduces a hand picked selection of music and explains it’s personal importance and influence on his new album Lammas Fair – in the spotlight on this week’s Sideways Through Sound

Henry Parker Spotlight Selections 22-09-2021

  1. Henry Parker – Lammas Fair [Lammas Fair]
  2. Michael Chapman – Memphis in Winter [50]
  3. Steeleye Span – Sheepcrook and Black Dog [Below The Salt]
  4. Martin Simpson – Fair Annie [Vagrant Stanzas]
  5. Sweeney’s Men – Afterthoughts [The Tracks Of Sweeney]
  6. Ryley Walker – The Halfwit In Me [Golden Sings That Have Been Sung]
  7. Henry Parker – The Brisk Lad [Lammas Fair]

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