Hope for News Deserts in regional Australia

In  many areas of Australia there are  “news deserts” where communities don’t have access to any local media covering events and issues for their communities. However, while the big media companies are rapidly exiting many regional towns, smaller players are moving in.

Some are keeping local indigenous languages alive or maintaining newspapers that have been around since British settlement.

A new initiative from the Judith Neilson Institute has launched which aims to bring these publications together to learn from each other and make local reporting more financially sustainable.

Image: Image: Queensland State Library

Produced By: Amanda Copp

Featured In Story: Jon Bisset CEO CBAA, Diat Alfarink, Torres Strait Islander Media Association Operational Manager, Ian Cole, Outback Radio and Western Herald Chairman, and Emma Bones, Judith Neilson Institute

First aired on The Wire, Tuesday 8 March 2022

Monday 7th of March, 2022

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