In the House Cult Classic cinema returns

Event Cinema’s ‘In The House’ Cult Classic screenings feature the old-school flicks you’ve always wanted to see on the big screen.

David ‘Quinny’ Quinn and Anthony Kierann spoke to Nic about Season 7.5 of In the House. The big questions are asked: Why is it called Season 7.5? Will Quinny wear all leather to watch the Matrix on the season premiere night? Are we all living in a simulation? Will there ever be a Cult Classics season without a Steven Spielberg film?

And most importantly Nic confronts Quinny and Anthony on why they haven’t screened Hudson Hawk yet and the group discuss how special it is to watch movies on old-school film, as opposed to digital.

Next Friday the 28th will feature the Wachowskis’ The Matrix. You can also catch a free VR experience in the foyer, featuring the short film Remember Me by the Australian company Pulse. The short film will air for a month every Friday, starting from the 28th of July.


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