How The Elderly Can Cope With Loneliness

As the country learns to practice social distancing, it is especially important to protect older and disabled members of the community who live at home still or in aged care facilities as their advanced age make them more susceptible to the threats posed by Coronavirus and how their bodies may react to the virus.. 

As such many of the older folk in Australia are being protected under new government issued guidelines to ensure they stay safe and healthy. However there is a massive cost to staying healthy in this situation as many of our much loved grandmas and grandpas are feeling the impact of increased loneliness and isolation from their loved ones and the life they love to live.

The Daily was joined by Bridget Laging, a Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Catholic University who helped us unpack the importance of maintaining connections during social isolation, and ways to combat loneliness for the elderly.

To find out more, you can read Bridget’s  article on The Conversation Here.

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