A Better Conversation About Australia Day

With the Australia Day long weekend hot on our heels, your thoughts are probably lingering on that sweet, sweet sleep-in, a few hot days at the beach, and some fun times catching up with family and friends. But our national day of pride also poses a highly controversial and topical question for us as citizens: is the 26th of January an appropriate day for celebration?

In the past few years, Australia Day has become a hot-point of debate, with Indigenous Australians classifying it as a day of suffering and sorrow, while others consider it a day to wave our national flag and celebrate our country.

The truth is, the day is bringing a serious sense of divide to our nation. More and more we are hearing defensive and emotional contributions to this debate, and Dr Tim Dean, Honorary Associate in Philosophy at the University of Sydney, says it’s not getting us anywhere.

Tess spoke with Dr Tim this Monday morning to hear his thoughts on how we can have more constructive conversations about Australia Day, and effectuate some real change.

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