The Social Capital of Celebrities and Influencers

With the help of the internet, social media platforms and smartphones, we have seen the emergence of a new breed of celebrities – so-called ‘influencers’. Who are these people and how do they differ from more typical celebrities such as pop stars or athletes?

On this episode, we’re looking at celebrity capital with Francois Carrillat, Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Technology Sydney. Plus, we find out how the business of influencer marketing works with Genevieve Day, Founder of Day Management.

Further Reading:

Genevieve Day is the Founder and Director of Day Management

You can find more information on Francois’ research on the UTS website

We just scratched the surface on Pierre Bourdieu but if you’re interested- here’s a starting point

Music: Gunnar Johnsen, Ramin, Trabant 33 and Brendon Moeller
Photo: Elijah O’Donell (Unsplash)
Special thanks to: CNBC for Usain Bolt and Michael Vick coverage audio
Executive Producer: Jason L’Ecuyer


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